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What does my membership include?
Other Features and Services:
How many members does the club have and how are they selected?
How much land does the club have?
Does the club offer birds to release and hunt?
Are turkey members allowed Upland hunt and vise versa?
May I bring guests?
How do I make reservations?
What are my responsibilities as a member?
Harvest limits/guidelines:
Membership prices:

What does my membership include?

Your membership includes hunting privileges when the club is open. For upland hunting the club will be open Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday, as well as special days such as Christmas Eve and the Friday after Thanksgiving. . If members wish to hunt on a different day, contact the club. If it does not impact another member’s hunt, it will be allowed. The club will allow Bow hunting every day except Monday. Turkey hunting will follow the outlines of State seasons, as will shotgun deer hunting.

Other Features and Services:

  • Special out of state trips and packages offered exclusively to our members.

How many members does the club have and how are they selected?

The club shall have no more than 20 individual members. Corporate memberships are limited to 2. Each corporate membership counts as 3 individual memberships. Each potential member will be interview by the club’s membership committee. The memberships are broken down by category as follows:

Upland 12-14 members

Deer Turkey 6-8 members. Deer hunters will get to select a tract. In many cases they will have exclusive deer hunting rights to that tract. If they do share a tract with another member, it is because the club has determined the tract is large enough to support two hunters.

*Membership based on current acres. Board may decide to increase number available if acres under lease expand.

Upland members have access to Dove fields. Other members can add doves for $250.00 when the club plants sunflowers.

The idea is to have the club made up of individuals with different interests to better use and manages our land resources.

How much land does the club have?

The club has leases on several thousand acres. These acres have been divided up into approximately 40 tracts. Each tract is monitored both with regard to hunting frequency and game harvest.

Does the club offer birds to release and hunt?

On certain tracts the club will release quail and Pheasants before the season. The quail will be released in September and October using an early release system. The club also at times offers birds for sale if members want extra released before a hunt. The club will also maintain pure tracts with no released birds for those who want to hunt only "wild" birds. All released birds will be banded our toe clipped.

May I bring guests?

Yes . Each member is allowed 3 free guests per year to hunt, not including special events for guests. Additional local guests (within 100 miles of Decatur) are $100 each visit, $50 for out of town. (A member may only bring the same person 3 times as a guest.) Children under 18, living at home do not count as guests, but must have passed the hunter safety course. No guests are allowed on the opening weekend of any season, unless there is a special event.

How do I make reservations?

This is the really exciting part of this club. All reservations/requests will be done through the club’s website. It will include maps, directions and hunting history for each tract. Members will also report the game harvest back to the club on the website.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

  1. Observe all club rules: Days you can hunt, harvest limits*, number of guns in field, (4).
  2. Report game harvest
  3. Donate 10 hours of service as needed by the club for habitat projects. Members can buy out hours for $30 per hour

Harvest limits/guidelines:

Upland groups, (no more than 4) are allowed to harvest 12 quail and 4 pheasants. Individuals hunting alone may harvest 6 quail and two roosters.

Deer: Yes, members are encouraged to harvest a doe first, bucks should be 8 points or better and/or estimated weight of 150 lbs.

Membership Packages/Prices:

Initiation Annual
Full Hunting Privileges $1500.00 $3250.00
Deer/Turkey & Limited Upland $1500.00 $2250.00
Silver Membership Packages:
Upland $1500.00 $2800.00
Deer/Turkey $1250.00 $1850.00
Non Resident (Resident members have priority)
Must live farther than 200 miles from Decatur Allowed 7 Upland hunts (excluding opening weekend)
$1000.00 $1250.00
Limited Upland $1000.00 $1500.00
Group Deer up to three members share tract(s)
$1000.00 $2500.00

Corporate Rates: $7,000*

For group packages, please contact the club.

Corporate members are allowed to have three people in the field on days club is open. If the principal member(s) are not present the club requires a guide be assigned to the businesses group and appropriate guide fees would apply.


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