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Who we are: The Golden Days Conservation Club is made up of a select group of members dedicated to maintaining the opportunity to enjoy hunting and fishing as it was in "The Good Old Days". Each member has been interviewed and voted on by our membership committee. In addition to this screening process our members are required to give 10 hours of service in the off season. These hours will be spent checking game feeders, helping cooperators with food plots, and building and maintain blinds and stands.

Our Promise: The three founders of this club are landowners. We understand what it means to be stewards, and demand this of our members. We are not about, "Getting our Limit". The club has and enforces our own bag limits, which are well below State guidelines.

What We Ask of our Cooperators: The club asks that to the best of their ability, landowners keep people off the tracts, which have been leased by the club. We don’t expect you to become a policeman, just use common sense. We also ask owners help us with food plots, and habitat strips. The Club will provide the seed for all such projects. We also ask owners consider CRP and Filter strip programs where applicable; again the club will help with seeding costs. Club members will post all leased property, and help the landowner with trespassers. Finally, we ask you keep the financial details of the lease confidential.

Common Questions:

How often will my ground be hunted?

It depends on what’s being hunted. A tract will not be quail or pheasant hunted any more frequently than every four days. Obviously Bow hunting would have more liberal rules. Remember, we want to maintain the resource. Each tract will be monitored with respect to game harvest.

How many people will be hunting at one time?

With regard to upland hunting, there will be no more than 4 guns in the field. Regardless of how many are in the party, the group will observe the bag limits listed below.

Will I be contacted when members are hunting in the area?

Yes. A member will always call, or E-mail to let owners know where they will be hunting.

Can I and members of my family still hunt?

Absolutley! You may have a place or stand you wish not to include in the lease, and of course you and immediate family can hunt other areas on your farm. Landowners also have the ability to lease the ground for only certain uses, upland and bow hunting only for example. We do ask you contact the club when you are going to hunt so we can make sure members are not there, and to avoid over hunting. In addition, the club requests landowners not upland hunt on opening weekend due to it being the busiest weekend of the year.

Does your club have harvest guidelines for deer?

Yes. We want to create an enviornemnet where you and our members will have the chance to see and take trophy deer. To help in this objective members will not harvest bucks with less than eight points, and that are believed to be less than 150 pounds.

What other benefits does your club offer?

On some of the tracts we have Upland privileges we will be using the covey release system for Quail, and early release pheasants.

What about landowner liability?

The club caries liability insurance for all cooperators as it applies to the use of their ground by the club. A copy of the policy is provided to each landowner.

Can I get out of my lease?

Yes. If you contact the club before March 31st, you can terminate your lease for the upcoming season. Any advance payments that have been made by the club would be due at such termination. For details on how some of our leases work, click on the link that says Landowner Fact Sheet.

Upland Daily Limits*, as set by The Golden Days Conservation Club.

Quail: 12 birds per group

Pheasant 4 birds per group

* Limits are expanded to 16 quail and 8 pheasants if the group is hunting a tract where the club has a covey release system, or where pheasants have been released before the hunt. In these cases the limits will be the lesser of those listed above, or the state bag limits per hunter.


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