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Golden Days Conservation Club was started by sportsmen interested in improving habitat. Our club currently leases over 5500 acres in south-central Illinois, and invests several thousand dollars each year to improve the habitat for wildlife on the tracts. Our tract management projects including controlled burns, the establishment of native prairie grasses, planting tree and shrub windbreaks and food plots.

Our members have different areas of interest ranging from upland, dove, and deer & turkey hunting, to fishing, canoeing and cross country skiing. But regardless of their individual passions, we are all sportsman, interested in improving habitat for all types of wildlife.

Listed below is a brief summary of our different memberships. For more detailed information, click on the membership tab on our home page.

Our Platinum, Gold & Silver memberships include varying degrees of hunting access. The club has strict harvest limits for quail and pheasants that are below the state bag limits. The club also has strict guidelines for the harvesting of bucks. Tracts are monitored as to harvest and hunting activity. For example, for upland use we make sure tracts are hunted no more than every three days.

Our platinum members have full access to the club's ground. This would include Upland, dove waterfowl, deer & turkey hunting, as well as all other recreational activities. (Camping, fishing, hiking etc ).

Gold members have upland and dove hunting privileges, as well as recreational use.

Deer & turkey and recreational use are available for Silver memberships.

Members with a Bronze membership are entitled to recreational use of the club's land.


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